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Technology Services

Antonio De la Mota

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Pamela Scott

Professional Assistant

Departments of the Technology Services:

  • Software Development — Director: Lorenzo Verduzco
    • Software Development Consultant: Oscar Niño (Based in Medellin, Colombia)
  • Infrastructure and Security — Director: Jose Romero
    • Desktop Specialist: Othman González
  • Digital Document Management — Director: Elizabeth Henry
  • SunPlus — Director: Antonio De la Mota
    • Consultant for the territory: Edy Díaz (Based in Guatemala, Guatemala)
    • Consultant for the territory: Neftalí Cruz (Based in Merida, Mexico)
    • Consultant for the territory: Donald Modeste (Based in Saint Andrew, Grenada)
    • SunPlus Technician and IT Director for Treasury: Juan Carlos Niño
  • Telephony and Technology Training — Director: Osman Longa
  • Video Conference — Director: Deutly Leito
    • Engineer in Connectivity: Elifelet López (Based in Montemorelos, México)