Loving God and your neighbor

The story of Paul is an exemplary one. Although he lives in a country going through some challenges, Paul has decided that following God and sharing his faith is more important than any difficult situation he may be in. Paul decided to continue to do what he has done for 26 years—to tell others about Jesus.

Paul works in agriculture and is one of the elders in his church. “We guide our members to cultivate something more important than material goods: love for God and our neighbor above all else.

A man who builds bridges. 
Paul discovered his aptitude by exploring his gifts. He found that the people around him in his work valued his friendship and companionship, so he took the opportunity to empathize with others as he witnessed.

“Sharing what God has given me is the way to preach Christ to others.”

Another of Paul’s qualities is his generosity for giving one of the most valuable of things—his time. This is how he has won the friendship of many in the community where he lives, always in order to be a testimony of the goodness of Jesus and reflect it in his own life.