January 2022


Consecration Service – IAD 100 Years

About the event

This shall be a service of thanksgiving to the Lord for the existence of IAD and His sustaining grace during the 100 years.

  • It shall be conducted at the union level, involving all the local fields and churches.
  • Each union shall determine a worship center from which the worship service will be produced and broadcast on that day.
  • All local churches within the union territory shall be connected through zoom, YouTube, Facebook and all other possible media to participate in the service.
  • A representative from the division will be at each worship centre on that day to perform specific functions.
  • The Division shall send a sermon to be preached that day
  • A consecration litany shall be prepared and utilized as part of the service for that day
  • There shall be historical reflections of IAD
  • Two special bible study programs for the year will be launched. i. One to provide bible knowledge education to non-Adventists ii. One to provide nurturing to consolidate the members into the faith
  • Launch of the evangelistic initiatives for the year 2022



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