August 2020


End It Now 2020

By Women’s Ministries

About the event

The General Conference Ministerial Association contributed for the first time to the enditnow Emphasis Day resource packet for 2020. The sermon, “When Jesus Ended It,” is written by Pastor Anthony Kent, associate director of General Conference Ministerial Association. The seminar, “The Wounds of Abuse,” was published in Ministry® International Journal for Pastors, November 2018.

Also included in the resource packet is the PDF booklet, The Dynamics of Domestic Violence, written by Dr. Mable Dunbar and published in 2016 by North American Division Women’s Ministries. Our accompanying PPT presentation of slides ford the booklet is separate, but the accompanying PDF handout titled, “Individual and Community Response to Domestic Violence,” is in the sermon packet.

The Word document sermon packet includes the scripted program for divine service, sermon, and seminar, and handout. You may print and reproduce the packet if you’d like to share it with others. We encourage you to use it in your church’s 2020 enditnow® Emphasis Day program.



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