April 28, 2021 | Miami, Florida, United States | Libna Stevens,  Inter-American Division News

Inter-American Division’s Executive Committee elected top administrators for all union missions during its business meetings today. Out of the 24 unions, or major regions, throughout Inter-America, 13 are union missions, which, according to policy, requires that officers be voted in by the executive body of the church.

“You administrators who are stepping down, we appreciate your work and we believe that the Lord will give you a wonderful transition now that you are no longer in [union] administration,” said Pastor Elie Henry, president of the church in Inter-America as he addressed the executive committee.  “We thank you for your leadership in the church and pray the Lord continue to bless you.”

Union Mission administrators elected for the 2021-2025 term include:

Atlantic Caribbean Union 
Peter Kerr, President
Cheryl Rolle, Executive Secretary
Roderick Sands, Treasurer

Belize Union 
Dennis Slusher, President
Luis Jesse, Executive Secretary
Maxine Bodden, Treasurer

Central Mexican Union 
Jose Dzul, President
Jorge García Pérez, Executive Secretary
Edmundo Gómez, Treasurer

Dutch Caribbean Union 
Shurman Kook, President
Daniel Zúñiga Secretary-Treasurer

East Venezuela Union 
Jorge Atalido, President
Luis Paredes, Executive Secretary
Saúl Brito, Treasurer

El Salvador Union 
Abel Pacheco, President
Luis Aguillón, Executive Secretary
Carlos Martínez, Treasurer

Guatemala Union 
Guenther García, President
Ramiro Hernández, Executive Secretary
Enrique Menéndez, Treasurer

Haitian Union 
Pierre Caporal, President
Jean-Philippe Extrat, Executive Secretary
Jean Reinald Sylnice, Treasurer

Honduras Union 
Adan Ramos, President
Roberto Brown, Executive Secretary
Juan Jose Moran, Treasurer

Panama Union 
Jose De Gracia, President
Carlos Saldana, Executive Secretary
Jose Smith, Treasurer

South Central American Union 
Ricardo Marin, President
Marvin Gómez Otero, Executive Secretary
Silas Martinez, Treasurer

Southeast Mexican Union 
David Celis Aguilar, President
Otoniel López, Executive Secretary
Jose Luis Olmos Sanchez, Treasurer

West Venezuela Union 
Orlando Ramírez, President
Omar José González, Executive Secretary
Nolwin Guilarte,Treasurer

For more updates on Inter-America’s Mid-Year Executive Committee meetings this week, visit us at interamerica.org

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