Leaders and students at Colombia Adventist University take part on stage in the unveiling of the new logo which includes the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s official logo during the special ceremony held on campus, Mar. 10, 2021. Students hold #EstamosJuntos (or #WeAreTogether) as part of a five-year plan that will expand the institution into higher university status with new undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as extension campuses across the country. [Photo: Camilo Rodríguez / UCN]

March 16, 2021 | Medellin, Colombia | Daniela Arrieta/UCN and Inter-American Division News

Top leaders of the Colombia Adventist University Corporation (Corporación Adventista Universitaria -UNAC) recently unveiled the new visual identity of the 80-year old institution as a first step toward on-campus growth and expansion during the next five years. The new image represents integrity, commitment, passion, innovation and hope as the main values of the institution.

“Every renovation does good,” said Dr. Juan Choque, president of UNAC. “From time to time we need to reinvent things, do new and different things, and one necessary change was adjusting the image of the institution.” It is an important step toward broadening the institution’s impact on students and society at large, added Choque. “This will contribute so that everyone here can feel that there are new ways of projecting to the future, with new objectives and strategies.”

Juan Choque, president of Colombia Adventist University (UNAC) gives his opening remarks during the unveiling of the new visual identity of the institution on Mar. 10, 2021. [Photo: Camilo Rodríguez / UCN]

The change in the visual image of the university was the result of years of work among students, professionals and the design school of Montemorelos University. The image marks the beginning of a movement in which one of the goals is for the institution to have 3,000 enrolled students by 2025. The institution has seen an average of 1,400 to 1,500 students per school year recently.

The unveiling of the new identity took place in the G.W. Chapman Auditorium during a special ceremony on Mar. 10, 2021.  The corporate image includes the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s logo as part of its main identity.

Medellin’s Secretary of Education Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz praised the work of the university and its commitment for the society in forming engineers, administrators, accountants, educators and high-level theologians.

Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz, secretary of education in Medellin, speaks to university leaders and faculty for their visionary plans in expanding to better equip professionals for the country. [Photo: Camilo Rodríguez / UCN]

“I am happy with the changes that are being generated in this institution since this allows us to be more aligned with our intention in the office of the secretary in Medellín and the mayor’s office to achieve a true educational transformation, with different pedagogical models, that allow you to reach the student with better professional job possibilities,” said Agudelo.

The event gathered municipal councilors, deputies, educational authorities and Seventh-day Adventist leaders.

“UNAC is seeking to become a catalyst for change in this country that so desperately needs it,” said Edgar Redondo, president of the church in North Colombia and chairman of the board overseeing UNAC. “Therefore, let us interpret this event, the launch of a new corporate image, as the first step of a radical change within the institution.”

New visual image of Colombia Adventist University. [Image: Colombia Adventist University]

Previous logo of the institution which was carried from the 1980s. [Image: Colombia Adventist University]

Radical changes had to start with a new visual identity at the start of the new year, said Choque. “This was an effort by the institution so that everyone can join in our dreams for the next five years, going from what today is the Adventist University Corporation to Colombia Adventist University in 2025,” he explained.

Since the 1980s, UNAC has been classified by the government as a university institution. But to have full university status, it must offer additional accredited programs and a focus on research, explained Choque. Plans are underway to add three more undergraduate programs, four more postgraduate degree programs, and the creation of new extension campuses across the country.

Established in 1937, Colombia Adventist University Corporation offers technical training and undergraduate degree programs in music, early child education, religious education, mathematics, nursing, systems engineering, industrial engineering, business administration, public accounting, theology, marketing technology, and more. UNAC offers several post graduate degrees including its newly approved master’s in education.

The internationally known Sabaneta Symphonic Band from the Sabaneta municipality  play during the special ceremony. [Photo: Camilo Rodríguez / UCN]

To learn more about Colombia Adventist University and its programs, visit unac.edu.co

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