Dr. Jeremías Ramos, a distinguished anesthesiologist and active member of the Scandia Adventist Church in San Salvador, El Salvador, smiles for the camera. Dr. Ramos died on July 14, 2020, after battling with the COVID-19 illness. Hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists in El Salvador are still mourning his loss. [Photo: Facebook]

July 29, 2020 | San Salvador, El Salvador | Nafri Machado / IAD News Staff

July 14, 2020, was a sad day for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in El Salvador, as Dr. Jeremías Ramos, 51, an active member and well-known physician passed away from COVID-19 illness.

National media reported the death of Dr. Ramos, a distinguished anesthesiologist who worked at Rosales National Hospital in San Salvador. He was a pioneer in modernizing techniques to administer anesthesia.

The Scandia Adventist Church, where Dr. Ramos was an active member, is mourning his passing.

“We have not only lost a church member but a great leader and servant of God,” said Pastor of the Scandia Adventist Church Jesús Arteaga. “With his humbleness and professionalism he worked in several ministries in the church, especially working with the youth, during the last few years, encouraging them to be faithful to God while studying in the university and getting involved in music ministry with quartet groups.”

Dr. Jeremías Ramos (7th from the left) stands next to medical staff at the Rosales National Hospital in San Salvador, El Salvador. [Photo: Facebook]

Dr. Ramos was the director of the Voces de Esperanza (Voices of Hope) youth quartet groups.

During his active years in the church, Dr. Ramos served as deacon, church elder, music director, health and temperance director and personal ministries director.

“From very young, he had an enormous passion for music,” said Beatriz, his wife of 25 years. Beatriz and their two children, Josué, 23, and Andrea, 13, expressed how loving of a father and husband he was, during a special online memorial service led by church leaders in the Metropolitan Conference region, on July 15. She not only laments the loss of her husband and that of a great national physician, but a man who lived to motivate at-risk young people and children to learn to play musical instruments, to sing and to love music.

“My loving and excellent husband, you have gone to rest…to wait for the Lord Jesus to give you the award you earned in this life for being how you were. God takes you to rest because He has prepared you for eternal life,” Beatriz said. “I believe in the Word of God found in Isaiah 57:1-2. Beatriz said that her husband told her before he died that he needed the rest, but that it would be brief.

Dr. Jeremías Ramos (center) sits next to his wife Beatriz and children, along with friends from the Scandia Adventist Church, at a restaurant earlier this year. [Photo: Facebook]

Dr. Jeremías Ramos was born into an Adventist home in the city of Usulután, in eastern El Salvador. He grew up with his brothers learning about the biblical principles and was baptized at the age of 12. He studied at the Adventist primary school near his home and completed high school in 1986 at the Adventist Training School in El Salvador (Escuela de Capacitación Adventista Savadoreña ECAS). After he completed his university degree, he moved to the capital where he was a member of the Scandia Adventist Church until his death.

“From his youth, Dr. Jeremías, demonstrated his passion and zeal for the preaching of the gospel, as he was influenced by his parents and local church leaders,” said Pastor Luis Aguillón, executive secretary for the church in El Salvador. “The church lost a professional who is recognized for his scientific knowledge, and also a great man who testified with his life and treating others well, always willing to help, no matter what time of day.”

A prayer team at the Scandia Adventist Church has been praying with the Ramos family every evening since his passing.

Dr. Ramos is one of 60 Seventh-day Adventists in El Salvador who have died from a COVID-19 illness, church leaders reported.

Many Adventist churches have strengthened their prayer ministry, by connecting and praying with surviving families, to bring spiritual encouragement and support to those affected by the loss of loved ones, church leaders said. “Pastors across the each district continue to minister to hurting families and pray for the sick among their local church memberships,” Aguillón said.

Fabricio Rivera contributed to this report.

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