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May 16, 2020 | Brazil | South American Division

Immigrant families are among the most vulnerable affected by the coronavirus crisis. In Brazil, many immigrants have lost their jobs or had their income reduced due to the pandemic, and they lack the basic resources to live with dignity. It is at a time like this that Adventist Solidarity Action (ASA) becomes one of the only hopes for these people.

On April 26, dozens of Venezuelan immigrants residing in Guatambu, a town of about 5,000 in western Santa Catarina, received food, clothing, shoes and masks from the ASA team of the Central Adventist church in Chapecó.

Nearly all of the 62 families who benefited are Venezuelans who came to Brazil in search of new opportunities due to the political and humanitarian crisis in their country. In total, nearly 1,600 garments, about 300 kilos of food and approximately 100 masks were donated.

According to Elizandro Ficagna, communication director for the Central Adventist church in Chapecó, ASA members have been serving these families since they first arrived in western Santa Catarina. “The items are donated by the community and the ASA team removes and delivers them to the needy,” explains Ficagna.

Ines Hahn is one of the members of the group. She tells what motivates her to get involved in solidarity projects and what it feels like to see the results of volunteer work: “I am passionate about what I do! Only the love of God fills us with courage. And seeing the smiles or the tears on people’s faces when a request is answered repays all the effort that is given,” she concludes.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site

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