Women at the Central Colombia Conference at the Central Colombia Conference in North Colombia commit reaching other women in the community with the gospel during the church’s launch last month of the MIEL Project within the Women in Mission initiative led by women’s ministries throughout the Inter-American Division territory. Photo: North Colombia Union

April 16, 2019 | Medellin, Colombia | Daniela Arrieta/IAD News Staff

More than 6,000 women across the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North Colombia committed to reaching and enriching the lives of women with the Word of God throughout churches and unentered communities across cities and towns where they live.

The mission-driven initiative, coined as “Chosen and Loved” was launched earlier this year by Inter-America’s women’s ministries department, seeks to encourage women to nurture other women they connect with through a number of activities planned for this year.

During February and March, Adventist women from throughout the eight conferences and missions in Colombia met in churches and large auditoriums to launch their version of the project called the MIEL Project (or the HONEY Project), which depicts women as actively involved or as busy-bees in the mission of the church this year.

More than 700 women and church members gathered at La Floresta Campgrounds in the Sión de Santa Marta District, in Magdalena, North Colombia during the launch of MIEL Project last month.

“I hope you will be like laborious bees because the bee has many characteristics,” said Sara Polo, women’s ministries director for the church in North Colombia, as she spoke of the role of women who take part in the project.  “A bee is a hard worker, what it produces is sweet and delicious, it serves in pollination in agriculture which is very important for there to be cultivation.”

The idea is for each woman to make five female friends and those five friends invite one friend each, totaling 10 in a bible-study group, explained Polo. “We are confident that with this plan, 25,000 to 30,000 persons can join the church,” said Polo.

The project also welcomes men who would like to be involved in the missionary project which will culminate in regional evangelistic campaigns scheduled to take place June 20-27, 2019.

Pastor Edgar Redondo, president of the church in North Colombia, visited each regional launch of the program and expressed his joy at witnessing the commitment to God’s work.

Sara Polo (right), women’s ministries director for the church in North Colombia speaks to a delegation of women ministries leaders in the Southwest Colombia Mission in Medellin, next to Mónica de Jaimes (left), local women’s ministries director of the conference, during the Miel Project launch. Photo: North Colombia Union

“The Christian church began with 12 disciples who were men, but it couldn’t have had the future it enjoys today without the women who joined him,” said Pastor Redondo.

The more than 6,000 women who have joined the project during the last two months represent the largest delegation of committed women among the 24 unions in the Inter-American Division territory so far this year, said  Dinorah Rivera, women’s ministries director for the church in Inter-America.

“Many of the union territories have begun launching the mission program but North Colombia is the first to launch it so strongly as we celebrate ‘Women in Mission’ this year throughout Inter-America,” said Rivera.

A special supply kit is available to those who join the Miel Project. The kit includes an umbrella used to seek out and visit women, a mug to share tea with that friend, a pen and agenda to take notes and write down prayer requests, a devotional booklet to study with friends, a scarf that identifies the initiative and a pin that signifies certification.

Pastors and their wives from the Southwest Colombia Mission in Medellin, Colombia, take a group photo after committing to motivate other women in their congregations to take part of the women in mission initiative to reach more in their communities. Photo: North Colombia Union

The missionary project is part of the “Women in Mission” larger focus in the women’s ministries department that seeks to rescue former church members; encourage, support and equip church members, the family and small groups, and inspire them to take part in evangelism campaigns this year, explained Rivera.

To view photos and activities led by the women’s ministries department in North Colombia, Click HERE

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