March 27, 2019 | Miami, Florida, United States | Libna Stevens/IAD

Seventh-day Adventist university students and professionals from across the Inter-American Division will gather this summer to be empowered to multiply their efforts in organizing centers of influence across public campuses in the large and smaller cities around them.

The summer event, organized by Inter-America’s Public Campus Ministries (PCM) department, is themed “Send Me – I Want to Be An Ambassador”. It’s scheduled to take place July 18-22, 2019, in Panama City, Panama.

“We want to infuse students and professionals with the leadership skills they need to carry out the mission of sharing the gospel across campuses and communities,” said Pastor Hiram Ruiz, PCM director for the church in Inter-America. It is the third and largest territory-wide public campus ministries gathering since it was organized in the IAD in 2015, he said.

The convention will feature 28 speakers from around the Adventist world church and the IAD and will include two dozen seminar presentations that will provide eight-hour certifications in evangelism, education and community service, said Ruiz.

Hundreds of student leaders, professionals, and mentors from throughout the 120 organized PCM centers across public campuses will finance their way to the event. Already, more than 800 have registered and organizers are expecting to see some 1,500 attending the convention.

For more information and to register by the May 23 deadline for Inter-America’s Adventist University Students and Professionals Convention to be held on July 18-22, 2019, Click HERE

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