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Hundreds of church leaders and members gather for the launch of the church’s Misión Kerigma at the North Adventist Auditorium in Bogota, Colombia, Aug. 25, 2018.  Photo by South Colombia Union

October 3, 2018 | Bogotá, Colombia | Laura Camila Acosta/IAD News Staff

Seventh-day Adventist top church leaders in south Colombia recently launched a comprehensive online evangelism training program. The initiative, coined as Misión Kerigma, seeks to prepare and encourage laypersons and church members in south Colombia to spread the good news of salvation throughout the vast region, including the capital city of Bogota. Bogota has a population of over 8 million people.

Misión Kerigma has an objective to implement the Adventist world church’s strategy to get every member involved, both young and old, in becoming faithful disciples of Jesus and discipling others, said Pastor Joel Hernández, director of Misión Kerigma. He said the Word Kerigma is a Greek Word that means “proclamation.”

For the South Colombia Union, the initiative carries the theme “Teaching, Preaching and Healing” which motivates students in the preaching of the gospel during the first of several modules which has already enlisted more than 5,000 active church members, said Hernández.

“We are preparing so that our heart can be willing to listen to the voice of God and advance in the fulfillment of this special challenge,” said Hernández as he addressed hundreds of leaders and church members gathered at the North Adventist Auditorium in Bogotá, on Aug. 25, 2018. Hernández said that the initiative was borne out of the need to train members across the nine church regions in the union territory to reach out 25,000 people with Bible and discipleship studies.

Pastor Juan Caicedo president of the church in the South Colombia Union pray during the online launch of the Misión Kerigma initiative, Aug. 26, 2018. Photo by Colombia Union Conference

Pastor Juan Caicedo, president of the church in south Colombia, encouraged church members to get involved in engaging in the mission of the church.

“It does not matter what you know, your field of study, your skills or the gifts you have, because the Bible says that there is no one that is marginalized from being part of the mission,” said Caicedo as he emphasized that Jesus needs every layperson to finish the work of evangelizing.

Caicedo thanked those who have enrolled in Misión Kerigma during an online message and encouraged the 149 pastors in the South Colombia Union pastoring over a thousand churches and congregations. He encouraged them to continue ministring and working closely with the thousands of laypersons who are eager to share the gospel in their communities.

The online courses are free. Every registered member who enrolls in the program and completes the modules, holds an evangelistic campaign and brings two new believers into the church will receive a certification from Andrews University and an ID as a missionary preacher certified by the South Colombia Union, explained Hernández.

Pastor Christian Gavilanes, a marketing expert, shares the workings of the Misión Kerigma’s online platform. Photo by South Colombia Union

The monthly training module consists of several seminars, workshops, forums, and tests which are graded by the platform software. Students will be able to choose the time and day of the week that is more convenient to take the online courses.

Assignments that need to be corrected will be overseen by district pastors, who will be available to review or answer questions regarding online assignments.

There are more than 157,000 Seventh-day Adventists worshiping in 1,064 churches and congregations in the South Colombia Union.

To learn more about the Misión Kerigma, visit misionkerigma.unioncolombianadelsur.org

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