Roberto Matos, ADRA Dominican Republic director presents the new small loading dock to the president of the Association of Fishermen in the Boba Community during a brief ceremony in María Trinidad Sánchez, in the northen part of the island, June 7, 2018. Image by ADRA Dominicana

June 27, 2018 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Wilkin Santana/IAD Staff

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in the Dominican Republic recently finished the construction of a loading dock, built to help the family-owned fishing businesses in the Boba community of the Maria Trinidad Sanchez Province. 30 homes were destroyed and dozens of lives affected when a tidal wave caused by Hurricane Irma hit the coastal community in September.

In addition to the loading dock, ADRA has also been rebuilding dozens of homes and has provided two fishing boats. ADRA will help complete the rebuilding of two more homes in the coming weeks and will continue providing water, food vouchers and other relief supplies to people in the area.

The new dock will assist more than 65 fishermen in the Boba Community unload their catch as well as provide rides to tourists who visit the region. Image by ADRA Dominicana

“ADRA has been assisting more than 133 families with food vouchers in an effort to help families in the aftermath of the hurricane and boost the local economy,” said Roberto Matos, ADRA Dominican Republic director. “These fishermen lost their way of supporting their families and local tourism was affected so after learning more about assisting their needs ADRA oversaw the project for the community.”

Government and community leaders welcomed the initiative and thanked ADRA and its volunteers for its invaluable assistance during a short launching ceremony held earlier this month.

“You have taken a big load off,” said Arsenio Martínez, representative of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, as he thanked ADRA and the church for the loading dock. “Two previous docks were destroyed twice by storms, but this one for sure will last longer.”

The new dock built by ADRA Dominicana was made to be removable during the threat of a large storm. Image by ADRA Dominicana

ADRA made the dock movable so it can be removed and protected in case a storm threatens the area, said Matos.

“ADRA is happy to be part of helping families in the aftermath of emergency situations like this one,” said Matos as he presented the dock to the president of the Association of Fishermen in the Boba community.

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Muelle para pescadores en Boba

#YoSoyADRA Los pescadores en la comunidad Boba, provincia María Trinidad Sánchez, se enfrentan a una gran crisis económica luego de que una fuerte marejada azotara la comunidad, arrastrando unas 30 viviendas y destruyendo el muelle por completo. ADRA Dominicana ha estado dando asistencia a los afectados por medio de Vouchers por alimentos.Estamos concentrados en restaurar los medios de vida afectados; esta vez, construyendo un muelle para que los pescadores puedan atracar sus botes y abordar los turistas que visitan el lugar.

Posted by ADRA Dominicana on Monday, April 9, 2018

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