December 31, 2012 – Medellin, Colombia…Shelley Nolan Freesland/AWR/IAD

With the Americas providing a vibrant audience for Adventist World Radio’s (AWR) programs and with listeners throughout the hemisphere tuning in to AWR’s podcasts and broadcasts from affiliate AM/FM radio stations, AWR hosted a symposium in Medellin, Colombia, earlier this month. The event was to strengthen affiliate partnerships and provide networking opportunities for radio professionals in the America’s region. Held on the campus of the Adventist University in Medellin, the symposium drew more than 100 attendees from 18 countries.

More than 100 Adventist radio professionals met for AWR’s symposium held in Medellin, Colombia, held Dec. 5-9, 2012. Image courtesy of Colombia Adventist University

“Participants blended in a harmonious and productive team that brought a real blessing to the event,” says AWR president Dowell Chow.

Participants arrived from an array of countries that have a prolific radio ministry, such as: Argentina, which has more than 30 radio stations; Venezuela, which has another 30+ stations; Brazil, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean; and even Spain, which has a dozen or more stations. The previous symposium took place four years ago in Mexico, organizers said.

In addition to discussing relevant topics on how to best reach communities through radio in their respective countries, participants were able to network with colleagues from different countries, learning from each other and sharing information and programs they can utilize in their own areas.

“It is the best meeting with radio personnel I have ever been to,” said one attendee from Central America. One station director, who plans to retire in the next two years, said he would make plans to come to the next symposium even while in retirement.

Ultimately, however, as Pastor Amilton Menezes, director of the Novo Tempo/Nuevo Tiempo radio network in the South American Division, noted, “It is not the presentations, nor the amenities and activities of the symposium, that really matters; it is the people who come and share their dreams, their experiences, and their lives with each other” that really counts.

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