December 2010

Dear Fellow Believers:

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, is a very common expression during this time of the year. This has been used so many times by so many people, even people not believing in the saving grace of Christ, to the extent that it becomes as meaningless as a regular, “how are you?” from a person who is not really interested in learning your state of being.

However, when sincere saved hearts express best wishes for the season, it is with the honesty of meaning-“let Christ lead you into the New Year, let His grace guide you for the rest of your life and, above all, let His mercy be known to all with whom you come in contact during the coming year.”

As the world celebrates a commercial remembrance of His birth, we, His children, celebrate not a day, but the reality of His grace given freely to us. The certainty that His promise of the Holy Spirit to be with us is being fulfilled in our life, that through His influence we can be bold enough to tell to all the world that we believe in Christ and have accepted His salvation. It is because of this we acknowledge His grace and mercy. Therefore, your family, at your Division headquarters, comes to you to say, “Happy New Year and best wishes for the season.”

We want you to remember, that we do not celebrate a baby in a manger, but we celebrate such great salvation given to us by the Father through His Son. May the fellowship of the Holy Spirit forever be with you.


Israel Leito, IAD President
Elie Henry, IAD Secretary
Filiberto Verduzco, IAD Treasurer

Image by Image by ANN. Libna Stevens/IAD

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