December 8, 2010 – Scott Steward of Hope Channel/Adventist Review

Hope Channel has announced the start of a new satellite service on Satmex 6 for the America’s – particularly for the Central/Inter America region. This new service provides Hope Channel (English) and Esperanza TV (Spanish) free of charge to cable systems and millions of homes in this region.

Satmex 6 is a powerful “cable head” satellite providing a wide variety of channels to both cable system operators and to homes in the Inter-American region, making it much easier for cable operators to provide Hope Channel and Esperanza TV to their customers. And for home installations, Satmex 6 is easy to tune to and requires only a “small” antenna dish.

With its wide variety of family-friendly, positive, uplifting programs, both Hope Channels, in English and Spanish, provide premier quality TV viewing. Viewers will experience music and cultural programs, health, family life, and dynamic inspirational programs. Dedicated to improving quality of life, Hope Channel promotes Biblically-based family values along with personal and community health development. Hope Channel does not involve itself in political partisanship. Programming is drawn from a wide range of sources in Inter, North, and South America.

Current viewers of Hope Channel and Esperanza TV will not have to change their service. Current service on satellite Galaxy 19 (G19) remains unchanged. Satmex 6 is provided as a significant enhancement of service particularly for the Inter American region and cable operators.

Hope Channel and Esperanza TV are two of 10 individual channels currently part of Hope Channel’s global network. New channels are also being added for China, India, North Africa-Middle East, and Russia.

Individuals are invited to secure their own reception equipment. Cable operators are invited to provide Hope Channel and Esperanza TV on their cable service. Hope Channel is provided free and its high quality programming is an attractive enhancement to expand the customer base of any cable service provider.

To receive Hope Channel (English) or Esperanza TV (Spanish) use the following parameters and dish size guide: Downlink Frequency: 11994.75 MHz; Polarity: Vertical; Symbol Rate: 4.34 MSps; FEC: 2/3; Channel 1 is Esperanza TV; Channel 2 is Hope Channel.

To view the reception footprint map for Satmex 6 Ku, go to Additional Satmex 6 info is available at:

Image by Image by ANN. Hope Channel

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