December 3, 2009 – Guatemala City, Guatemala…[Juan Lopez/IAD Staff]

Many Seventh-day Adventists in Guatemala gathered at the capital city's Constitution Plaza last month as part of the Follow the Bible initiative activities currently happening throughout the country. Focused on promoting the reading of the scriptures, church leaders and members distributed special Bibles to government and municipal leaders.

Among the leaders visited were Roberto Alejos, president of Guatemala's Congress, who welcomed Adventist leaders in the Legislative palace and applauded the church for its work and the special Bible initiative.

“It has been a pleasure to meet with you the leaders of the Adventist Church who are participating in the worldwide Follow the Bible activity,” Alejos stated.

Alvaro Arzu, mayor of Guatemala City, also received a gift Bible along with other municipal and community leaders throughout the country.

The church in Guatemala culminated its dozens of Bible reading and writing marathons and marches with a celebration of a replica of the multi-language traveling Bible, as the real one ended its visit in neighboring El Salvador on Nov. 28.

The traveling Bible is scheduled to continue throughout the Inter-American territory until mid-January 2010. Although some of the 17 church regions will not be visited by the Bible during its 11-week journey through Inter-America, each church region has a replica of the unique Bible to promote its reading and value in their communities.

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Image by Image by ANN. Central Guatemala Conference/IAD
Image by Image by ANN Central Guatemala Conference/IAD

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