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It might not be gold, frankincense and myrrh, but for one little girl, the perfect gifts to give baby Jesus this Christmas are all the love in her heart and a bottle of perfume. Larissa, an 8-year-old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, added that she is excited about Christmas “Because it is Jesus' birthday party.”

ANN asked a group of children from around the world what they would give Jesus if they were going to visit him in Bethlehem this Christmas, and one wish they would request in return.

Abigail, 3, from Herfordshire, United Kingdom, plans to give baby Jesus “Lots of hearts because I love [him].” Fellow Hertfordshire native, Arianne, 6, agreed that love is the best gift “Because he's too little to play with toys.”

But 4-year-old Alexander from Yucatan, Mexico, didn't share their opinion. He recommended “Many toys, a train, and planes.”

A very practical gift idea came from 7-year-old Kaitlyn in Missouri, United States, who said she would give baby Jesus blankets to keep him warm.

Sheena, 8, from Tamilnadu, India, wants to offer her gift of boxed chocolates to the infant Christ. Five-year-old fellow sweet tooth Lian from Bulacan, Philippines, said she would take Jesus “Cake that is yummy.”

Gabriel, a generous 9-year-old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, said he would get “The most that I could buy with my allowance.”

But Christmas is also the season of gift receiving and the children had a few requests for themselves.

Eight-year-old Cooper from Missouri hopes he will get to know Jesus better in the coming year.

Sheena wishes that all the poor people of the world will have food, while 7-year-old Grace from Lebanon wants her friends to visit so she can give them presents.

Five-year-old Andrea Ysabel from Manila, Philippines, wishes that “My cough will go away and that my baby brother Luis will stay cute.”

Saul, 6, from Yucatan, Mexico is hoping for an Xbox gaming system, and Arianne asked for a Camp Rock (a Disney movie) sleeping bag.

Ten year-old Krysta from Barbados wants to go to heaven with Jesus, but she's also looking forward to finding a Nintendo DS under the tree on Christmas morning.

Peace on earth sounded good to Lian, or at least peace for her family.

“I wish my older sister and I won't fight anymore,” she said. “I wish we would both be good girls from now on. I wish God would take care of my daddy when he's at work and my mom would get well from her sickness.”

Whether they were excited about travelling, seeing family, freedom from school and homework, singing in the choir or opening presents, the children recalled the deeper meaning behind the holiday celebrations.

“I'm happy and thankful to God [because] if Jesus had not been born, we could not be saved,” Gabriel said.

Story contributors: Aranka Bajic, Cathy Boldeau, Beth Chagas, Gordon Christo, James Daniel, Alex Elmadjin, Malou Escasa, Victor Hulbert, Raul Lozano, Linda Meek, Libna Stevens.

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