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The growth and stride of the church in Inter-America during the last five years will be featured in the Hope Channel this weekend.

The video report includes footage of the different countries and islands of Inter America and how the church members have been impacting their communities in sharing the Good News of Jesus in their vast territory. Filled with color, enthusiasm and rich culture, the division’s video report, which was presented at the church’s General Conference Session in St. Louis, in July, features how the church in Inter-America has been involved in Evangeliving–or living the gospel.

Also reflected in the video is an interview with President of the church in Inter-America, Pastor Israel Leito, in which he reveals the plans and special projects for the next five years.

Broadcast of the video will be broadcast through the Hope and Esperanza Tv Channels in English, Spanish and French as follows:

12/9/05 7:30pm EST English

12/9/05 10:30pm EST Spanish

12/10/05 2:00pm EST French

12/10/05 8:00pm EST Spanish

12/10/05 10:00pm EST English

Broadcast can be viewed through the Hope Channel (Business), For more Information on how to receive the satellite signal go to

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