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Every year the staff of the Inter-American Division Headquarter Office takes a special collection to benefit a school or church in one of its 15 union territories. This year, the money collected will benefit a school in Tijuana, Mexico.

The School Salud y Saber Plantel Mariano Matamoros was chosen for this year’s fund-raising project by the leadership of the North Mexican Union.

“Because of the church growth there in the east sector of Tijuana, we saw fit to establish a school to offer education to our children,” said Pastor Abner de los Santos, president of the church in the North Mexican Union, or region.

The small school, which began in the 2004-2005 school year, had 25 students enrolled in three grades. This year, there are 72 students enrolled in grades one through six in the four-room school, according to Pastor Santos.

Donated money will help complete more classrooms to accommodate the students, a computer center, desks, sound equipment, computers and school supplies.

“Christian education is the only tool to instill the spirit of service in the leaders of tomorrow,” said Pastor de los Santos.

To make a donation to the school, please call the Inter-American Division at 305.403.4700.

Image by Image by ANN. North Mexican Union
Image by Image by ANN North Mexican Union

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