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Office of Adventist Mission


A passion for mission here, there and everywhere under the unction of the Holy Spirit
Mission: To glorify God, and under the influence of the Holy Spirit, lead every convert to experience a personal and transforming relationship with Christ, enabling the believer to become a disciple in sharing the Everlasting Gospel with everyone.


1. Faith in the leadership of a missionary God
2. Perseverance against all odds
3. Commitment to God and mission
4. Obedience to divine leading
5. Self-denial for the salvation of humanity
6. Disinterested benevolence
7. Integrity in conduct and to calling


1.Identify 75% percent of un-entered areas and people groups in IAD in 2011
2.Train 2% percent of each union membership for deployment in frontier mission 2011/2012
3.Classify and identify all possible sources for mission funding within the IAD and GC in 2011
4.Design indigenous policies for funding frontier mission projects and services in IAD up to 50%
5.One new mission website to communicate IAD’s mission needs, successes, challenges and services. This communication medium will be supported by posters, magazines, and letters
6.One mission festival in each university in IAD to recruit young mission leaders for service


IAD Adventist Mission Summit
Oct. 23, 2011, Miami, Florida

1.Development of mission strategies relevant to the needs of the mission context
2.Source funding for small and large mission projects and services for each mission project
3.Communicate clearly the mission needs, successes, requirements and services.
4.Coordinate the recruitment, training, placement and supervision of mission personnel.


1.Many un-entered areas and people groups within the IAD territory
2.Insufficient numbers of mission leaders working in un-entered areas or among people groups.
3.Absence of mission research of un-entered areas, people groups, levels of receptivity etc.
4.Ad hoc coordination of mission projects, funding and mission leaders’ placement in IAD.
5.Limited awareness among Adventist youth of the mission needs and opportunities.
6.Limited understanding of the distinction between mission and evangelism
7.Insufficient training in cross-cultural mission, mission theology and history of Adventist mission
8.Absence of mission structures and personnel at unions, conferences levels.
9.Insufficient giving and narrow focus of giving toward mission the IAD
10.Delay in proposal writings, approval, reports from mission projects to donor agencies.
11.Absence of mission syllabus for recruitment, training and placement mission leaders
12.Deficient communication strategies for promoting mission funding, projects, stories etc.


Urban Ministries Summit
May 1, 2012, Miami, Florida

1.Curriculum for mission training
2.Power piont presentation for training Global Mission Pioneers
3.IAD new policy guidelines for Adventist Mission and church planting
4.Presenting Christ to the Hindus
5.Presenting Christ to the Moslems
6.Presenting Christ to the Jews


1.Adventist Mission Summit (Oct. 23, 2011) – Photo Album
2.Urban Ministry Summit (May 1, 2012) – Photo Album
3.Church Plantings Seminars
4.Moslem Consultation and Training

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