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Ministerial Association

The Ministerial Association exists to serve the church in Inter-America in the proclamation of the eternal gospel and in her divine mission of preparing to meet our Lord. The Association intends to fulfill this mission through the pastoral ministry, the pastoral family, the church elders and group leaders and the ministerial secretaries.


1. Spiritual growth
2. Preaching
3. Personal development
4. Personal growth
5. Church growth


Video in English: Biblical Preaching Seminar, with pastor Robert Costa.
Vídeo en Español: Seminario de Predicación Bíblica, con el pastor Robert Costa.
Video en Français: Séminaire, Predication Biblique, avec pasteur Robert Costa.
500 Sermons Outlines
Weekly article for pastors and elders:






Pastor Josney Rodríguez
Ministerial Secretary

(Based in Bogota, Colombia)



Pastor Leonard Johnson
Associate Director

(Based in Nassau, Bahamas)














Associate for Shepherdess: Cecilia Iglesias

Professional Assistant: Zoraida Powell



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