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Human Resources Department

Jainie Pita

The human resources management within the organization, facilitates advancement of the Gospel Commission by providing professional services in the areas of strategic planning, staffing, compensation and benefits, employee relations, personnel data management, training and development, and other employee services, thereby enabling staff to adequately fulfill their assigned or elected duties.

Human Resources Management of the Inter-American Division assists in creating effective policies, establishing and maintaining organizational culture and giving leadership to the human resources functions.

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Vice President for Academic Administration
Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary

The Board of Directors of the Inter-American Theological Seminary (IATS) seeks a suitably qualified person for the position of IATS Vice President for Academic Administration who can provide a theological and academic vision to the Seminary. The IATS is an Inter-American Division (IAD) institution of higher learning accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) and by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities (AAA). The IATS offers masters and doctoral degrees in Theology on the campus of ten Adventist institutions of higher learning in the IAD territory. The IATS headquarters is on the campus of Antillean Adventist University in Puerto Rico; consequently all administrators shall live and work in Puerto Rico.

Applications for the position of IATS Vice President for Academic Administration will be treated in confidence and should include a letter of interest, a curriculum vitae, and five names of professional references with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Applications should be sent electronically to Dr. Elie Henry, Secretary of the Search Committee at The Committee will begin review of applications immediately and continue work until January 31, 2016.


Obligation: Administrative duties (75%); teaching load (25%)
Reports to: IATS President
Supervises: Faculty, site coordinators, and academic staff
Wage Scale: 90% – 111% +

Position Statement:
The Vice President for Academic Administration is responsible for the academic curriculum of the Seminary, providing leadership to the faculty and managing the processes through which teaching is conducted. Must possess significant academic experience in the development and administration, curriculum, curriculum leadership, budget, strategic planning, and the use of technology in Higher Education. The Vice President must represent the defend the church’s Educational System and its Beliefs, and ensures that the curriculum appropriately reflects the IATS mission and that it is current in terms of discipline and delivery. Must evidence an Academic Administration Vocation.

1. Be member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular standing. And be fully supportive of the ideals, objectives, and mission of the Church and of the IAD.
2. Hold a doctorate or terminal degree, preferably in Theology, with a record of teaching experience and scholarship from an accredited educational institution recognized in the USA and the SDA Church.
3. Hold an undergraduate degree from an SDA institution.
4. Possess academic experience at the tertiary level of increasing responsibility of an academic leader with a portion of this experience obtained at a tertiary-level educational institution.
5. Be experienced in teaching and learning evaluation and assessment; knowledgeable of teaching and learning strategies and models.
6. Can develop spiritual development formation curriculum.
7. Be well acquainted with the scope pf research Theology and Publications and possess experience working with Academic program Development.
8. Be able to think critically of Theological Education.
9. Ability to foster a sense of community and shared governance, strong organizational and management skills through visible and accessible leadership.
10. Understands globalization in the context of Theological Education
11. Can treat faculty as colleagues
12. Has pastoral experience.
13. Coordinate periodic academic program review.
14. Be able to understand and design initiatives to emerging information technologies for Theological Teaching and Learning.
15. Lead in Faculty Development Initiatives.
16. Be versed in at least two of the three languages of the IAD.

1. Serve as chief administrative office in the absence of the President as instructed
2. Supervise all matters relating to curriculum and instruction in the Seminary
3. Oversee faculty and academic staff recruitment and development activities
4. Provide advisory recommendations to the President on all academic appointment
5. Oversee development and implementation of academic strategic planning
6. Establish priorities and plans for program development, faculty recruitment and development
7. Provide academic input to institutional enrollment management efforts
8. Coordinate periodic academic program review and work with site coordinators in the review, study, and development of curriculum and in the improvement of institution
9. Build teamwork through trust and mutual respect, collaboration, and communication maintaining appropriate confidentiality and Christian empathy
10. Oversee the implementation of the IATS strategy plan into the academic areas
11. Supervise the admission standards, registration procedures, grading, academic advising, graduation requirements, library requirements, and instructional media services
12. Articulate an academic agenda for the future consistent with the University’s mission, vision emphasizing high impact practices, strong student outcomes, and new program development
13. Wisely manage resources in support of the academic agenda, working in partnership with the President and the Vice Presidents.
14. Strengthen, maintain and enhance the quality of the academic program ensuring it meets the needs of the changing environment through systematic program review, assessment of student learning outcomes, new program development, and effective learning strategies
15. Optimize the Seminary’s role in professional consortia and associations with the ATS, AAA, and the Puerto Rico Council of Higher Education.
16. Be willing to do any other reasonable work-related assignment as the IATS President may direct.

Institutional Service:
To serve on a variety of academic and system committees such as the Administrative Committee, Faculty Council, President’s Council, and the Academic Standards and Admissions Committee

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Demonstrated academic leadership, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and good judgment. Ability to formulate and articulate sound academic policies, and identify, resolve and consult on a wide range of administrative and academic issues with a clear sense of institutional needs and priorities. Strong organizational and management skills.

Appointed by:
IATS Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Search Committee


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