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Adventist Healthcare Services (AHS-IA)

AHS-IA is an association of all the Seventh-day Adventist Healthcare institutions of the Inter-American Division territory formed with the PURPOSE of fully promoting the wholeness of man, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, through the strengthening of the Church’s Healthcare Ministry.

VISION: Every healthcare institution a center of excellence in serving the community with the love of Jesus-Christ


The main objectives of AHS-IA shall be the following:
1. Establish a common forum through which all the affiliated institutions can work together in all relevant matters tending to foster their growth and development, while keeping their governing and administrative autonomy under the ownership and sponsorship of their respective unions, and the authority of their respective governing bodies. This can be achieved by the following means:
a. Coordinate administrative and technical exchanges, promote the recruitment and training of key personnel; coordinate Continuing Education.
b Coordinate, whenever possible, all common interests such as: group purchases, equipment, maintenance/servicing, et cetera.
c. Facilitate consulting services to the member institutions for the development of master planning, marketing strategies, and other specialized tasks.
d. Work with the member institutions to ensure “Quality Health Care”.
2. Encourage and advise the unions and local fields in the development of all needed healthcare institutions such as hospitals, health centers, dispensaries, medical and dental clinics, lifestyle centers, convalescent and retirement homes.
3. Be the official link between the member institutions and other healthcare institutions and health systems of North America and elsewhere.


IV Global Healthcare Conference
Venue: Loma Linda University
Date: October 12-18, 2016
PARTICIPANTS: 1- Leadership of all the fourteen hospitals of our territory: CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CNOs and Human Resources directors)
2- Leadership of all the 32 AHI (Adventist Health International) affiliated hospitals around the world.

Elie S Honore
AHS-IA, President


Elie S Honore, President
Elizabeth Christian, Treasurer
Wendy Tejada, Professional Assistant

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