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Public Campus Ministries

Supporting Ministry for Seventh-day Adventist Students and Professionals Studying at Non-Adventist Schools and Colleges


With the support of the Youth, Education, and Chaplaincy Ministries Departments, this ministry was organized in 1988 as CAUPA (Committee for the Support of Seventh-day Adventist University Students and Professionals), as a service offered to young people studying at non-Adventist schools and colleges.

With the major goal of providing students with fellowship, encouragement and intellectual support so that they may be able to deal with the challenges resulting from their faith and faithfully persevere in the truth once given to the saints, the General Conference revamped the ministry in 2014, appointing an associate director to the Youth Department to nurture this specific group.

The Inter-American Division took an action to launch a specific department to cater to the needs of this particular group. In July 2015, Pastor Hiram Ruiz Lugo was appointed as director of Public Campus Ministries. Ruiz has an extensive experience as a district pastor, conference youth director, university youth leader, youth pastor, professor, and senior pastor of the Montemorelos University Church. Pastor Ruiz has a bachelor’s degree in Theology, a master’s degree in Family Relations, and is currently candidate to a doctoral degree in Ministry at Andrews University. Pastor Ruiz has been a speaker and lecturer in countless youth programs in Central America, South America, North America, South Africa, and all across Mexico. What inspires him is the salvation of the youth through Jesus Christ.


  1. A personal devotional life in order to keep a close relationship with Jesus. Training students to become disciples of Jesus Christ.
  2. Leadership development through an ongoing training of the structures and ministries in the church.
  3. A commitment to get involved in different ways of doing evangelism.
  4. Balanced and varied activities for Seventh-day Adventist Youth that may drive them to commit to serving the church and the community, both at a local level and with a worldwide vision.


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