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Sabbath School

Samuel Telemaque


The Theology of Sabbath School

A theology of Sabbath School identifies and explains the assumptions undergirding the oldest school in the SDA church. God is the Source of all knowledge undergirds all the functions of the Sabbath School. Paul argues that “by him all things were created…” (Colossians 1: 16). God did not only create all things, He is the only One capable transforming the human heart. God declares in Ezekiel 36:26 “I will give you a new heart and I will put my Spirit in you.” Ellen G. White put it tersely “Christ is the only Source of every right impulse. Christ is the only one who can implant in the heart enmity against sin” (Steps to Christ p. 26). These are the two major Biblical foundations undergirding the Sabbath School. The God who is the Source of all knowledge transform lives through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit.

The Governing Principle for Inter America Division Sabbath School
“It is as we behold Him… that we see the sinfulness of our own hearts” Steps to Christ p. 16

Theme: Transforming Lives from Inside/ Out
Vision:Every member established in the faith, growing Christ and living in hope
The Values of Inter America Division Sabbath School:-
1. Membership Care
2. Religious Education for Age levels
3. Fellowship with God and Man
4. Inter Active Bible Study
5. Personal Devotion
6. Daily lesson study
7. Punctuality
8. Personal Witnessing
9. Collaboration with God and others

1.Increase by 90% the demand for Sabbath School Bible Study Guides.
2.Design a plan to improve the Sabbath School Expense offering in the local church by 90% in 2012
3.Conduct Sabbath Congresses to renew all structures and functions of the Sabbath School in 2011-2012
4.Organize and implement the International Teachers Association to equip and certify teachers in each union and conference in 2011-2012
5.Develop, source and print in three languages Sabbath School programming materials.
6.Increase 80% awareness of mission and mission giving among all age groups in the Sabbath School to achieve a 2% increase in mission offering in Union

1.Assess the discrepancy between the churches’ memberships of the IAD with the quantity of Bible Study Guides published each quarter for the entire Division.
2.Provide an avenue for Sabbath School officers at local church level to come together for equipping, consultation, fellowship and inspiration.
3.Use a specific training delivery system for training and certifying Sabbath School teachers
4.Make available relevant and easy to use resources for Sabbath School programming
5.Encourage members to think globally while serving locally or regionally

Strategy One: Make Religious Education Relevant and Accessible to All Members
Strategy Two: Equipping Sabbath Officers with New Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
Strategy three: Empowering Sabbath School Officers with Relevant Resources
Strategy Four: Giving Toward Mission
Strategy Five: Community and Consolidation
Strategy Six: Leadership and Management

Quarterly Bible Study Resources (Sabbath School)
Sabbath School U


  • Sabbath School Congress for Pastors
  • Sabbath School Congress for Church officers
  • Seminars for Sabbath School Directors of Union/Conference/Mission
  • International Sabbath School Teachers’ Certification

Pastor Samuel Telemaque, Director
Mildred Presentacion, Professional Assistant

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