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Jainie Pita

The human resources management within the organization, facilitates advancement of the Gospel Commission by providing professional services in the areas of strategic planning, staffing, compensation and benefits, employee relations, personnel data management, training and development, and other employee services, thereby enabling staff to adequately fulfill their assigned or elected duties.

Human Resources Management of the Inter-American Division assists in creating effective policies, establishing and maintaining organizational culture and giving leadership to the human resources functions.

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President of the Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary
The Board of Directors of the Inter-American Theological Seminary (IATS) seeks a suitably qualified person for the position of IATS President who can provide a theological and pastoral vision and deliver institutional and administrative leadership to the Seminary, beginning in January 2016. The IATS is an Inter-American Division (IAD) institution of higher learning accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) and by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities (AAA). The IATS offers masters and doctoral degrees in Theology on the campus of ten Adventist institutions of higher learning in the IAD territory. The IATS headquarters is on the campus of Antillean Adventist University in Puerto Rico. The IATS President shall reside in Puerto Rico.

Applications for the position of IATS President will be treated in confidence and should include a letter of interest, a curriculum vitae, and five names of professional references with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Inquiries, applications, and nominations should be sent electronically and no later than July 30, 2015 to Dr. Elie Henry, Secretary of the Search Committee at:

Review of applications will begin on July 31, 2015.


Time Commitment: Administrative duties (75%); teaching load (25%)
Reports:  Reports directly to the IATS Board of Directors
Supervises: IATS Vice Presidents, faculty, and staff
Wage Scale:  100% – 117%+

1. Be a seasoned member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular standing and be fully supportive of the ideals, objectives, and mission of the Church and of the IAD.
2. Hold a professional or academic doctoral degree in Theology from an accredited educational institution recognized in the United States of America in accordance with IATS accrediting agencies requirements.
3. Have a minimum of ten years experience in administration, teaching faculty, and pastoral ministry with a portion of this experience obtained at a tertiary-level educational institution.
4. Be well acquainted with the scope of research in Theology and be able to guide professors and students in areas of needed research for present day needs.
5. Be a strategic visionary for synchronizing mission, vision, capability, capacity, and resources.
6. Possess international work experience with students and faculty of multi-cultural backgrounds.
7. Ability to proficiently and professionally communicate, verbally and in writing in at least two of
the IAD main languages: English, Spanish, and French.
1. Nurture a community of Adventist scholars, inspiring excellence in teaching, preaching, research, and service.
2. Shape and communicate a compelling vision for the Seminary that is developed collaboratively and translated into plans and policies to be approved by the Board.
3. Lead the management of all Seminary activities, delegating distributed leadership and supporting the administrative team in the efficient and effective implementation of their responsibilities.
4. Lead and participate in establishing scholarships and expanding resources, particularly in the area of fund and friend raising for the Seminary.
5. Deepen relationships with sister IAD institutions as well as exploring new partnerships and alliances in support of the Seminary and its mission.
6. Lead the Seminary demonstrating genuine qualities of integrity, fairness, openness, humility, resilience, transparency, collaboration, and accountability.
7. Supervise all aspects of curriculum development, instructional methods, grading practices, admission standards, registration procedures, academic advising programs, graduation requirements, library requirements, and instructional media services.
8. Lead, inspire, motivate, and supervise the faculty as well as counsel the site coordinators concerning the academic program and staff utilization to develop a sense of collegiality for the benefit of the entire Seminary community and its constituents.
9. Foster professional growth of faculty and staff through orientation programs, in-service seminars, continuing education opportunities and study leaves, sabbatical leaves, conducting research and scholarly writing, and community involvement.
10. Prepare the budget for the coming year in cooperation with the VP for Finance and be responsible for Seminary expenditures according to the budget.
11. Supervise and advise the VP for Academic Administration on academic and faculty needs and the VP for Institutional Effectiveness on the Seminary’s future strategic planning.
12. Build teamwork through trust and mutual respect, collaboration, and communication maintaining appropriate confidentiality.
13. Be willing to do any other responsibility as the IAD Administration may direct.

IATS Board of Directors, Secretary IATS Administrative Committee IATS President’s Council
IATS Faculty Council
IATS Academic Standards and Admissions Committee IATS Ex-officio member of all committees
IAD Board of Ministerial Training and Education
IAD Board of Higher Education
IAD Division Committee

Appointed by:
IATS Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Search Committee.
Translation Services Coordinator

The Inter-American Division (IAD), based in Miami, Florida, is looking for a person duly qualified for the position of Translation Services Coordinator, to provide coordination of the translation of documents requested by the IAD administration and department directors. Every document assigned will be required to be written and professionally translated into the territory’s three main languages: English, Spanish, and French.

The documents required for this application, which will be confidentially assessed, include a cover letter, a CV or résumé and three professional reference contacts, including their emails and phone numbers. Please send them electronically by July 31, 2015 to Dr. Elie Henry, IAD Executive Secretary, to


Commitment: Coordination activities (50%); Translation Activities (50%)
Reports to: Vice president assigned by the IAD Administration
Coordinates: Translators and Editors on contract
Salary Range: 63 – 93%

1. Be a member in good standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
2. Be able to translate efficiently and professionally from English into Spanish.
3. Have a college degree related to the position.
4. Have at least 5 years of experience as a translator and a translation coordinator.
5. Be knowledgeable with the grammar and colloquial rules of both English and Spanish.
6. Be able to handle simultaneous assignments, on various topics and giving attention to detail.
7. Be proactive, and being able to find solutions in case of urgent and unexpected situations.
8. Be able to work under pressure, delegate duties, and meet deadlines.
9. Be highly proficient in computer skills (MS Office, Windows).
10. Acting strategically to manage any document to be translated.
11. Having international experience, so as to differentiate between the various idiosyncrasies within the IAD territory.
12. Being able to communicate in English and Spanish effectively, efficiently, and professionally, both orally and in writing.

1. Define strategic plans for an effective operation of translation services and implement them effectively and efficiently.
2. Coordinate all the translation services by showing authentic qualities such as honesty, openness, disposition to accommodate, transparency, cooperation, and responsibility.
3. Fulfill any relevant and applicable process in place for the services offered.
4. Translate documents from English into Spanish up to 50% of the workload as specified in the job description above.
5. Review and edit, as far as possible, every text rendered into Spanish by a translator on contract.
6. Stay within the budget assigned and be responsible for the payments issued.
7. Design and prepare the right forms for support the efficient translation of every document.
8. Develop relations with the Unions in order to find translators, as well as explore new networking opportunities regarding the translation needs within the IAD.
9. Manage any detail related to the handling, hiring, as well as to the translation, return, and filing of documents, both in their original and translated format.
10. Monitor and keep track of the status of any document being translated.
11. Carry out quality assessment tests at various steps of the process regarding the quality and the veracity of the translations.
12. Keep an accurate copy in electronic format of the documents sent to be translated, and of the translated documents.
13. Oversee any activity related to the hiring and evaluation of translators, their translations, and payments for their corresponding projects within the assigned budget.
14. Agree on deadlines for translations and the fees to be paid for those projects.
15. Develop and keep excellent interpersonal relations with translators and editors.
16. Support the working team so they may carry out their responsibilities successfully.
17. Foster translation abilities by offering proper guidance and resources.
18. Promote teamwork through mutual trust and respect, cooperation, and open communication, keeping at the same time a proper level of trustworthiness.
19. Develop a publication which may include the nomenclature currently used by the IAD so as to facilitate the translation process.
20. Assess the effectiveness of translation services and satisfaction levels across the territory.
21. Act as secretary of the Translation Committee and the Nomenclature Committee.
22. Carry out any other task related to his or her position as requested by his or her corresponding manager.

Translation Committee, secretary
Nomenclature Committee, secretary

Appointed by:
IAD Administrative Committee

This post is also available in: French, Spanish

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