New Upcoming Children’s Television Program Teaches About the Human Body

Hosts of the new children’s program Dana Gutiérrez and Moises Cordova  pose with children after filming an episode last month at UMedia center at Montemorelos University, in Mexico. Mateo (far right) is puppeteered by Salim Murcia with children after filming and Mateo the puppet Hosts Image by UMedia

June 7, 2017 | Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico | Laura Marrero/IAD Staff

Final filming of a new children’s television series called Cataplum wrapped up at Montemorelos University’s UMedia Center last month. The series will soon air on UMTv, the university’s television channel, as well as Hope Channel Inter-America’s Esperanza TV.

Cataplum will comprise of two seasons of 13 episodes each and will air in October. Image by UMedia

Each 28-minute episode of Cataplum features children ages of 6 to 11 playing and learning of God’s marvelous creation of the human body.

The program highlights biology, technology, and society to explain in a fun and simple way some of the biological functions and parts of the body including the heart, brain, eyes, ears, feet, liver, the respiratory system, as well as genetics, blood, the voice, and more.

“Many of our television channels in the church do not carry enough children’s programs so we wanted to fill a need for all the families who are always looking for Christian educational programs for their children to watch,” said Lizbeth Elejalde, Montemorelos University professor and writer and producer of Cataplum.  Cataplum is not just for children but the whole family, she added.

When completed, the series will comprise of two seasons of 13 episodes each.

Different groups of children get to interact with three hosts during each episode: 14-year old high-schooler Dana Gutiérrez, university student Moises Cordova and Mateo, a puppet operated by Salim Murcia, another university student. Mateo is based on the biblical Mathew.

As the post-production gets underway during the next few weeks, the nearly 20 professionals, staff and students who have worked on the series since 2016 look forward to having the program air on Esperanza TV Interamérica this October.

Cataplum becomes the latest of nearly two dozen television programs produced by UMedia and many others airing on Esperanza TV Interamérica, thanks to a collaboration agreement between Montemorelos University and Hope Channel Inter-America.

Mateo the puppet interacts with the children during the television program. Image by UMedia

Abel Márquez, executive director of Hope Channel Inter-America, congratulated the work UMedia has done in producing television programs for the church’s Spanish Channel.

“Programs like Cataplum are the result of the vision of committed church entities and media centers that share hope,” said Márquez. Cataplum fills a void for children—an important viewing public throughout our Inter-American channels.”

UMedia currently features programs on visual arts, health, nutrition, mission trips, music, adolescents, family life, doctrines, Sabbath School lessons study and more.

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