Adventist Church inaugurates new headquarter office in El Salvador

Pastor Abel Pacheco (right), president of the church in the El Salvador Union speaks to the nearly 500 church leaders and members during the inaugural celebration of its new headquarter office in San Salvador, on Oct. 30, 2016. Roberto Brown of Honduras Union translates. Image by Abel Márquez/IAD

October 31, 2016 | San Salvador, El Salvador | Libna Stevens/IAD

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in El Salvador celebrated the inauguration of the church’s new headquarter office during a special ceremony yesterday in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Adventist World Church Vice President Artur Stele prays to dedicate the new church’s building in El Salvador. Image by Abel Márquez/IAD

“You have this beautiful great office now, so may everyone who comes to this building see the glory of God shinning through you,” said Tim Aka, associate treasurer for the Adventist world church, as he spoke to the hundreds of top church leaders from the Adventist World Church, the Inter-American Division, local church members and neighbors witnessed the historic event.

Aka congratulated church leaders in El Salvador for the amazing work they do in the Central American country and encouraged all to share the love of Jesus in every plan, activity and event to further the mission of the church.

Furthering the work of the church has had a lot to do with the 12 staff members in the El Salvador Union Mission, or region, and its leaders in five of its conference fields, district pastors and dedicated laypersons, said Pastor Abel Pacheco, president of the church in El Salvador.

Hundreds witness the inaugural celebration of the new union headquarters which will oversee nearly 199,000 church members and nearly 1,000 churches and congregations. Image by Abel Márquez/IAD

“We praise God for having such a great dedicated unified team, and for God’s many blessings,” said Pacheco.

Government and municipal leaders praised the work of the Adventist Church in contributing to a better society in the capital city and throughout the nation.

District pastors and laypersons reaffirmed their commitment to spreading the gospel of salvation throughout every corner in their country as a celebration of music and thanksgiving set the tone throughout the inaugural celebration.

The one-story facility was remodeled from a large home and includes 10 offices, a conference room that can house 90 persons, a small gym and a remodeled pool that will be used for baptismal ceremonies. The building was re-designed by Architect Cintia Rivera, a church member, and is strategically located near the business area in San Salvador.

The new office is located in San Salvador, and has ten offices, a large conference room, and a small gym and pool which lea. Image by Abel Márquez/IAD

The office began construction in July of 2015, after purchase of the property and building permits were approved in 2014, church leaders said.

The event was held as top administrators and church leaders throughout the IAD gathered for two final days of its annual Year-End Executive Committee Meetings.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in El Salvador was reorganized in 2011, and has nearly 199,000 church members worshipping in 979 churches and congregations. The church operates dozens of schools, two radio stations and a literacy programs throughout the country.

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